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Today was a milestone day in my entrepreneurial pursuit.

I worked on my book and my business from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. stopping only to prepare breakfast and dinner for my husband and wash the dishes, which is equivalent to a lunch hour. I didn’t get up to shower until 4:00 p.m. I have worked consistently every day for the past few years on launching my book and business, but today I felt a different type of discipline as I focused on my immediate goals. First, to finish editing my book for delivery to the editor (second round), write this blog, speak with my Website’s IT Specialist, and forward “Save-The-Date” information to the graphic artist in preparation for the book launch, scheduled for February 2016. After completing all the tasks on my list plus organizing my makeshift desks (two plastic Target© Four-Drawer cabinets), I realized that I was both exhausted and energized simultaneously.

What came to my spirit was that . . . I am officially an author. A dream realized. One that I’ve had since I was a young girl, sneaking Harlequin romance novels to read (at least I was reading). As we all know, there is a small voice inside of us that tries to prevent us from achieving our most passionate dreams. It says, “Who are you to become a doctor?,” “What makes you think someone will marry you?,” or “You don’t know how to do it, so you might as well not even try.”

Growing up I learned to ignore that voice. I read stories by people who told me what they did and assured me that if I followed their advice, I too could achieve my dreams. To them all, I say Thank You! Thank you that the words written on the pages of your books allowed me to reach the heights of my own imagination. No, I am not yet wealthy nor do I drive an expensive car or live in a mansion, but my spirit and the woman I have become has been molded into a self-assured, God-fearing, spirit-led, successful, bold, authentic and loving human being. I love books and because I do, I am compelled to write books. My desire for your life is for my books to lead you to you, to become a Lady Operating Very Effectively in every area of your life. I know it can be done, and I know you can do it!

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