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She sent the internet into frenzy with her hip hop laced-floor routine. Sophina DeJesus rocked the house with her passionate, powerful and beautifully-executed performance against Utah, scoring a 9.925. You might not understand how scoring is done in gymnastics, but as a former high school gymnast, I understand scoring and I recognize a 10 when I see a 10.

Sophina did not receive a 10 in her competition because she did not perfectly “stick” her landing. All gymnasts are acutely aware that your score will suffer if you fail to hit the landing. It’s a lot like performing as a dancer. Your entrance and your exit must be right; judges remember them. People forget what happened in the middle (unless you have a fashion faux paux, à la Janet Jackson) but the first (entrance) and the last impression (exit) stay imprinted in their minds.

After watching several other girls compete, I recognized why Sophina’s performance went viral. Sophina was authentically and effectively doing what she loved and it showed. Not only did it show, but it infused the auditorium with an energy that prompted an internet sensation. It was apparent to me that she loves to dance. What better way to call attention to her gymnastic prowess than to weave her passion throughout her routine?

In a PAC 12 Networks interview, she stated, “I wanted to pump up the team and go all out on the floor routine.” And that is exactly what she did. When you set the goal to give your all it gives you so much more power.

Before you attempt to do something great, make sure you are working from a place of authenticity. In Chapter 4 of my recently published book, L.O.V.E. Ladies Operating Very Effectively, “Finding the Power to Change Your World”, there is a quote: “Trust your heart and soul to show you who you are, then fight to become your authentic self.”

Sophina used her passion for performing, dancing and acting to earn a near-perfect score and to help her team pull out the win against Utah. I predict that you and Sophina will score a 10 in life when you operate from your passion and remain true to who you are.

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