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Organize Your Life in Seven (7) Days

Money Matters Monday

Time Management Tuesday

Work it Out (Problem Solving) Wednesday

Throw it Out Thursday

Free to Chill Friday

Self-Love Saturday

Set it Up Sunday

Why designate a day to handle certain tasks? Because it helps you to organize your thoughts, plan in advance and circumvent becoming overwhelmed by the barrage of your "things to do" on any given day. Our lives are so busy these days that many of us are forgetting important dates, missing appointments, and giving up all together on becoming good time managers, but rather, settling for being consistently late for important events, neglecting important business matters and allowing stuff to slip through the cracks.

Some of you may feel like you're a free spirit – flexible type, who fights to keep from being held to any rigid schedule. You believe that you should "feel" like taking care of something before you can actually get it done, and you get a little anxious if you have to plan ahead. Before you automatically oppose it, let's see how organizing your life in seven days actually works.

Monday: Organize and pay your bills, check on financial accounts, create a budget, etc.

Tuesday: Analyze your patterns and develop a plan to become a better steward of your time.

Wednesday: Spend time contemplating your present life and work out a plan on paper.

Thursday: Go through your drawers, cabinets, closets and purge, purge, purge!

Friday: Let your hair down and relax. Read, see a movie, visit a friend or watch TV.

Saturday: Do whatever you need to do to revitalize yourself from your busy week.

Sunday: Prepare and plan for the coming week. It will allow you to be able to relax.

And finally, dedicate yourself to this plan daily, monthly and yearly; you will see a major shift in your stress level, and you will also see the fruits of your labor in every area of your life.

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