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Decide and Launch

Make a Decision and launch!

One of my biggest challenges in life is making the right decision. It can take me days, weeks or even months to decide on something as minor as what to title a blog post. I know it’s not that important, but I want to make sure that it hits the spot. I want to ensure that the audience is engaged, interested and keeps clicking on the blog. Yes, this has been a major issue for me. Why? Because it creates insecurity where none really exists. I can write a blog, I have the resources to write the blog, i.e., a computer, table, comfortable surroundings, etc. I have a command of the English language (at most times), okay, my grammar is not that great, but I can write. You get the point!

All of us struggle with Analysis Paralysis to some degree, and the way it shows up in our lives is through procrastination. You need to act on your concept, plan or thought in the form of a decision. Once you have decided, you can move to the action phase. The hard part! For women, we want to do the right thing. We hate making mistakes! Research has shown that boys and men just jump right in head first and figure out the rest later. I’m sure they don’t like making mistakes either, but they just get over themselves and move on. Women will agonize over a misstep for days, months or years. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness” (DAFP AFF)? I’m sure it was created by a man because women ask for permission, get advice and verify everything before we make a decision, let alone act on that decision.

Millennials are a good example of the "DAFP-AFF" principle. Some will start a YouTube Channel, post their life story on Facebook, Instagram inappropriate photos of past relationships, open an online pop-up…all without any concern for others or whether or not it’s the right decision. They were born with the “launch” chip. Good, bad or indifferent, they know how to launch.

So, what is the best formula to make the right decision and to learn to launch? Using my blog example above, the first thing to do is to select a topic. If your topic doesn’t feel good after you write it, set it aside to use for another post. Get into the habit of writing on a weekly basis. One blog a week equals four to five blogs per month. Post once or twice a month. The key is to replace the bad habit, procrastination, with the good habit, action. The more you act, the more you position yourself to create a good habit, which will result in success in every area that you employ this strategy. Nike is right: “Just Do It!”

Create your idea, finalize your idea and then launch! Work out the details along the way because they will always keep changing. Seek excellence - not perfection! You got this!

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