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And The 2020 Nominees Are...

The Fifth Annual L.O.V.E. Awards are around the corner! And this year's celebration promises to be bigger and better than ever! With well-deserved honorees, celebrity presenters, our fabulous and beautiful hostess,Trisha Mann and her talented husband,Tony Grant, and an incredible line-up of superior entertainment.

And the Nominees are...


Tamara Steele


To be announced


Linda Yudin


Keandra Doss

Future CEO

Lauren Dennis

Guy Lawrence Award

Rachel Betts


Joel Daavid

Woman of the Year

Phyllis Toney


Dawnia Marie Baynes


Janice R. Celeste

Couple of the Year

Terrence & Necia Lark

Lifetime Achievement

Sherry Terrell

Over the past four years, we have honored women, millennials, couples, wives and a few men. After a few years, men wanted to know why they were not being celebrated, so in 2017 we began honoring one man with the Man of the Year (M.O.V.E. Award) which stands for Man Operating Very Effectively.

Why did I create the L.O.V.E. Awards? I'm glad you asked. In 2015, I launched my book, "Finding the Power to Change Your World" with a presentation of awards to women who are featured in the book. I decided that women should be honored for who they are, and their impact on the world, even though they are not celebrities. It's my belief that ordinary-extraordinary women and men are undervalued and their gifts and contributions to the world go unnoticed. I've won many awards throughout my life, and I understand the impact that being recognized and valued can have on a life. Sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death. L.O.V.E. chooses to be a conduit for connecting women and changing lives and honoring women along the way.

Please mark your calendars to come out and help us celebrate and honor these amazing individuals. You will laugh, cry and have the time of your life. Get your gowns now, February is Awards season, and for our fifth year celebration, its Glam all the way, men in suits with ties and ladies in gorgeous gowns! And, yes there will be a red carpet, complete with media coverage so be ready to shine!

The 5th Annual L.O.V.E. Awards will be held Saturday, February 8th 12:00pm.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Dianne Shorté

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