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L.O.V.E.’s mission is to help women discover their passion and to attain a high level of productivity through integrity, growth, wellness, and principle-centered success. 

L.O.V.E. is designed to help young women and adult women to develop and grow into successful, inspirational and contributing members of society.

L.O.V.E. promotes education, self-worth, self-sufficiency, financial literacy and mental health in order to develop successful and well-adjusted women.

L.O.V.E. seeks to alleviate poverty among women and children by providing marketable skills designed to elevate the economic status of women.

L.O.V.E. provides life skills necessary to form and maintain healthy relationships, and families.

 L.O.V.E. partners with like-minded professionals and organizations, providing seminars, and conferences specifically designed to offer platforms which help young women and adult women to learn, develop, and succeed.


Dianne Shorté is the author of “Ladies Operating Very Effectively (“L.O.V.E.”): Finding the Power to Change Your World,” and creator and producer of the L.O.V.E. Awards. The L.O.V.E. awards annually honors the ordinary extraordinary women and men whose work within the community impacts the world.  She is a dynamic speaker, professional dancer, legal professional and philanthropist.  

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It is most inspiring to watch someone’s dream come true in real time. That is exactly the experience all of us who have been part of Dianne’s journey in creating, executing and nurturing this awesome idea she has had over the years. Last year I was recognized with the Innovator of the Year Award. It took me a moment to let that sink in. As I internally struggled with the humbling recognition, I felt it was important to stand in the light my sister was so graciously providing and allow myself to glow in all of its meaning. The L.O.V.E Awards is more than just another Hollywood event that gets lost in the clutter and noise of all the self aggrandizement that is part of the culture. This Awards event touches the core of our humanity as women and men, who through our work in the marketplace and at home, are committed to serve the greater good for others and have not let external labels define or determine our value. I am immensely grateful to be part of the L.O.V.E Awards family and wish Dianne and her team continued growth and success.

Geovanni Brewer

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